Dental suturing kit + application for 12 months

Suturing kit

In our suturing kit, you will find everything you need to stitch up for the first time or to improve your skills in wound care.

An integral part of Medu is an app with an interactive course. In dental suturing,

Both the suturing pad and tools can withstand hundreds of hours of practice - all you'll need is determination. The tutorials in the course have been prepared using our products and with the participation of experienced doctors - the kit is tailor-made for Medu application!

You're only a few steps away from being proficient in dental suturing - everything that stands in your way is time with Medu and the number of threads you use. Order your kit, grab your smartphone and start learning now!

The set includes:

  • pad imitating human skin for suturing practice,
  • needle holder,
  • surgical scissors,
  • surgical tweezers,
  • 10 surgical sutures.
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The videos in the Medu’s Surgical suturing course were prepared based on the standard version of the pad. However, the wound care technique itself is exactly the same!

Find answers to your questions

Is the kit enough to self-learn surgical suturing?

Yes. The kit includes all you need to stitch up - a suture pad, tools and sutures! We will guide you through the learning process step by step using the materials included in the course.

I already have your suture pad, will I get access to the course?

Yes. Everyone who has purchased our suture kit in the period from July 2020 has received free access to the course. Check your e-mail inbox and contact us, if you haven’t got e-mail from Medu!

Do I have to buy the whole kit to use the app?

No. But it’s best to take the Surgical suturing course with our pad - they complement each other perfectly, as one has been tailored to fit the other! However, you can learn using the content from the app itself - but keep in mind that the best Medu experience is only possible with our physical products.

Can I be sure that Medu content is content-wise correct?

All content has been consulted by medical specialists in a given field and created with their participation. Thus we can guarantee our courses are not only substantively correct, but also in line with clinical practice.

Would you like to find out more?

Find more questions with answers in the FAQ section. If you have any further concerns, please feel free to contact us by e-mail at
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