Trainer + application for 12 months


Medu's laparoscopic trainer is a great companion to begin the adventure of minimally invasive surgery. It is a valuable tool for those who have not held any laparoscopic instrument in their hands and those wishing to overcome the long learning curve of laparoscopy.

When ordering the product, you will receive a set of essential tools, identical to those used during surgery, and dedicated exercises - just use your smartphone, which plays the role of a camera, and immerse yourself in the world of laparoscopy.

The included exercises will prepare you for meeting with minimally invasive surgery and are an engaging challenge at the same time. Play tic-tac-toe with Medu, move the balls into containers, put the discs on the prepared posts, pull the string through the hoops and... watch your progress!

Practical skills are not all we offer. The app complements the trainer and includes a course of essential theoretical knowledge with recordings of real operations, as well as illustrations and questions to help consolidate the knowledge! Details of the course can be found here.

Would you like to see for yourself the differences between classical and laparoscopic surgery techniques? Order our trainer, grab your smartphone and start learning now!

The set includes:

  • self-assembly trainer,
  • grasper,
  • dissector,
  • set of 4 exercises,
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Find answers to your questions

Do I have to buy the whole kit to use the course?

Yes. Laparoscopy is complete only with our trainer. The greatest value of the course is the exercises using physical products and image analysis.

Can I use the trainer when my access to the course expires?

Yes. While the full Medu experience is only possible with full access to Laparoscopy, we won't leave you alone. When your course expires, you will get access to a special simplified practice mode that will allow you to work with the trainer. Note that image analysis will not be available in this mode.

Can I share the trainer with friends?

Yes. The trainer isn’t assigned to your account, so you can share one physical product. Remember that each of you has to purchase your own access to the course to independently gain knowledge and track progress.

What if I lose/destroy a piece of kit?

Contact us! We are aware that cardboard is susceptible to damage, small pieces can get lost and intensive exercise may lead to the destruction of some parts. Let us know at - we will surely help you.

Does the course include laparoscopic suturing?

No. The price of the Medu’s trainer is determined by the value of the instruments. You would need scissors and a needle holder to learn laparoscopic suturing, making the whole thing high-priced. Wanting to keep the best value for money, we decided that laparoscopic suturing is expensive and difficult enough to require a separate course. We are working on it!

Can I be sure that Medu content is content-wise correct?

All content has been consulted by medical specialists in a given field and created with their participation. Thus we can guarantee our courses are not only substantively correct, but also in line with clinical practice.

Would you like to find out more?

Find more questions with answers in the FAQ section. If you have any further concerns, please feel free to contact us by e-mail at
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