Blood gas test

A comprehensive course designed to help you achieve proficiency in diagnosing acid-base disorders.

Blood gas test is a course in which you will find not only the theoretical basics covering the topic of acid-base regulation but also a practical overview of blood collection techniques, interpretation of blood gas results, and management of specific disorders.
We understand that comprehending blood gasometry can be challenging, so we have implemented a practical approach to learning. You will learn what the test is, how it is performed, and the parameters evaluated in it. Additionally, the course covers the physiology of acid-base metabolism and pH disorders that affect the organism. You will finally understand what happens in the body when alkalosis or acidosis occurs… and how potassium plays a role in it all.
Blood gas test by Medu will prepare you to make quick clinical decisions. Lessons on acidosis and alkalosis include examples of results from real patients and practical tips for managing each disorder. With quizzes, you will consolidate the knowledge gained in the lessons, and in the exercises, you will interpret the results yourself!

What will you gain from Medu’s Blood gas test?

  • a concrete repetition of the physiology of acid-base balance regulation – we will ensure that you will learn as little as possible by heart because understanding this issue is fundamental
  • you will learn the significance of the parameters of blood gas test – efficient interpretation is extremely important, especially in emergencies, where every second counts
  • finally, it will become clear to you what is BE (excess or deficiency of bases) and anion gap – we understand perfectly well that these parameters are quite a challenge ;)
  • you will learn to analyze blood gasses on results from real patients – you will feel almost like in a hospital setting
Do you know how to differentiate between arterial and venous blood based on gasometry? It is useful to know the parameters that will allow you to distinguish between the two so that you do not find an acid-base balance disorder where there is none!


Moduł 1: Blood gas tests basics

  • Intro
  • What is a blood gas test?
  • Basic parameters of a blood gas test
  • BE, excess or deficiency of bases?
  • Anion gap

Blood gas test vs homeostasis

  • Regulation of acid-base balance
  • Acidosis
  • Alkalosis

In the Blood gas test you will find:

exercises and minigames
visual content
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Blood gas test

Blood gas test

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