A free course will provide you with comprehensive knowledge which is useful in daily clinical practice. You will also see how Medu works! You will also see how Medu works!


What will you get from learning with the free Medu’s Essentials course?

  • you will repeat and practice first aid - are you sure you know how to take care of a pregnant woman?
  • you will learn how to assess a patient using the Glasgow Scale - a quick assessment of a patient's consciousness is essential, for example in the emergency room!
  • you will learn the basic instruments used in the operating room - you will understand better the first procedure you will be involved in
  • you will learn how to scrub in and how to put on sterile gloves - not only will you ensure patient safety, but you will also avoid getting criticised from the staff ;)
Did you know that 57% of medical students make mistakes in the sequence of actions during CPR?[source]


Module 1: Shall we begin with first aid?

  • Intro
  • First aid
  • Glasgow Coma Scale

Module 2: Treatment room

  • Surgical instrumentarium
  • Local anesthesia
  • Post-exposure management

Module 3: Beautiful place to save lives

  • Surgical hand preparation
  • Sterile surgical gloves
  • Personal protective equipment

In the Essentials you will find:

exercises and minigames
visual content
Enjoy the Medu with free access to the Essentials - forever, for everyone!

Find answers to your questions

Is the free access to the course lifetime?

Yes. Essentials access is lifetime free for everyone who downloads the Medu app. You don’t need to buy any other course!

Can I be sure that Medu content is content-wise correct?

All content has been consulted by medical specialists in a given field and created with their participation. Thus we can guarantee our courses are not only substantively correct, but also in line with clinical practice.

Would you like to find out more?

Find more questions with answers in the FAQ section. If you have any further concerns, please feel free to contact us by e-mail at
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