Lung auscultation

Prepared in cooperation with StethoMe. The course will comprehensively prepare you to use a doctor's attribute - the stethoscope.


What will you get from learning with Medu’s Lung auscultation course?

  • a solid repetition of the most important information on respiratory physiology - who has not forgotten some information over the years?
  • you will understand why particular respiratory phenomena occur
  • you will learn the correct management of respiratory sounds - are you sure you know what a patient with severe obstruction presents by auscultation?
  • nearly 400 recordings from real patients, allowing you to hear breath sounds in their "natural environment"
  • the ability to auscultate the patient correctly - a skill that will be useful not only during your studies, but also in your first independent moments at work ;)
Did you know that only 24.1% of students recognise breath sounds? Interestingly, even for pulmonologists, the percentage of correct answers is 36.5%.[source]


Module 1: Lung auscultation

  • Intro
  • Construction of the stethoscope
  • Anatomy of respiratory tract
  • Physiology of breathing
  • Auscultation technique

Module 2: Respiratory sounds

  • Normal breath sounds
  • Wheezes
  • Rhonchi
  • Coarse crackles
  • Fine crackles
  • Pleural rub

In the Lung auscultation you will find:

exercises and minigames
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Lung auscultation

Lung auscultation

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Find answers to your questions

Do I need a stethoscope to learn with Medu?

No. In the app you will find the real-patients recording, which will play directly from your smartphone. Keep in mind that the best sound quality will be provided by listening the recording through headphones - this way you will easily recognise respiratory sounds.

Where do the recordings included in the course come from?

All recordings included in the course are recorded using our partner’s - StethoMe - intelligent stethoscope. All respiratory sounds were analyzed by AI algorithms and are included in the app along with a spectrogram and tags of the detected phenomena.

Can I be sure that Medu content is content-wise correct?

All content has been consulted by medical specialists in a given field and created with their participation. Thus we can guarantee our courses are not only substantively correct, but also in line with clinical practice.

Would you like to find out more?

Find more questions with answers in the FAQ section. If you have any further concerns, please feel free to contact us by e-mail at
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